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March-Mid April Report 2018
As I left the Bolivar Yacht Basin the other day with 4 fishermen who were anxious to get out and at least try to catch a few fish. I knew the day was going to be tough as the wind had not let up for several days and the rain prediction was over 60%. We stopped at one of the many coves on the south shoreline of East bay and everyone threw lines into the water. Wasn't long before one of the guys hooked up on a small redfish. After that we spent most of the day bouncing up and down the shoreline looking for a few fish. Turned out to be a very slow day with just a few more bites.

As we were riding it gave me time to look back at the how fishing has been for the last month. It seems that the weather has not been our friend so far this year. As it was last year the wind blew through June. Well fish are like me they want and need to eat and will do so even when the weather is bad. With that being said the weather does not always stop the fish from feeding it just stops the fishermen from going fishing.

The weather has kept me and most fishermen off the mid bay shell so its hard to say how the fishing would be if we could get out to them. When we are getting out I am fishing all the drains and sloughs from the Hog Pins to Rollover when the wind is from the south. The water has been holding fair to good at times. I have been keying on bait although there are no large areas of bait showing yet. So if you just see one or two pieces of bait stop and give it a try. The over sized reds and drums are still around the Bolivar wells and jetties if you are interested in some of those big monsters. Trout and slot reds are fair on the south shoreline and live bait seems be producing for me better than artificial.

When the wind has been out of the North the fishing seems to be a little better from Robinson Bayou heading east. As said earlier bait is the key so keep a lookout for any bait not just nervous bait.

I did run into a few gaff tops east of Severs working some slicks but no trout came from that area when I was last there. So with the Spring time winds and rain holding true there are still fish to be caught you just have to spend more time on the water and maybe get out even though it is not a perfect weather day.

Remember Trinity Bay flood as last year will push a lot of the fish out and into East bay and close areas so be prepared for crowds. Some will be courteous and some will not. But remember its fishing. Your there to have a good time so don't let someone that has no common sense ruin your day. There are plenty of fish and plenty of fishing room.

Good luck on the water.

Capt.Stephen Brown
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 Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,

For exact fishing locations and techniques, I am conducting one-on-one classes of the Galveston East Bay System. We will spend a half-day trip exploring that bay and the techniques and timing of fishing there. Bring your hand-held GPS and a map and note pad and I will further your knowledge of the bay and patterns for fishing in all of the seasons of the year. These classes include everything from locations to tackle and lure selection; thus have a lot of content. So, I limit them to 2 persons max at a time. Call 409-256-1265 for more information. Classes start at 500.00 and are conducted in my boat on the water at the actual locations. We cover a lot of area and burn a lot of gas.

Call 409-256-1265 for availability of trips and to reserve your fishing adventure. Check my website for prices and more information. You can also e-mail me for updated fishing conditions and trip availability.

Captain Bryan Brawner fishing report
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,

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